User Interface
Active & Passive Skills
Armors & Sets

User Interface

Gold is the main currency of Cyborg Street War, player earns gold in selling items and fighting against AI or Real player.

Atom is the currency used to evolve items, player earns atom at end of fight against AI or Real player with a chance.

Energy Point is consumed each time player enter Street Zone to fight AI. Player recharge 1 point every 1 hour.

Ticket Point is consumed each time player enter League to fight in PvP. Player recharge 1 point every 2 hour.

General Stats tabs describes the statistics of player Cyborg. Available stars are:

HPHeal Point is the life of the Cyborg
FORCEForce statistics gives an extra damage of 1% every 50 force points.
CRITICALCritical chance of the Cyborg. 1 critical point is equivalent to 1% chance.
RAGECritical damage of the Cyborg, default value is 80 meaning that critical hit does 80% more damage than normal hit.

Cyborg statsitics are increased by items.


In Cyborg Street War, player will find 2 kind of items:
– defensive items, armors.
– offensive items, weapons.

Weapons and Armors have an item version. This version defines the power of your items. Each new version, item power is increased by 45% for armors and 30% for weapons.
In other words, a weapon v3.0 is 90% more powerfull than a weapon v1.0.

Weapons & Armors have a rarity level:
– normal
– magic (green)
– rare (blue)
– legendary (yellow)

Rarity level adds new bonus stats such as HP, Force and Critical chance.

Normal items doesn’t have any bonus stats.
Magic items have 1 bonus stats.
Rare items have 2 bonus stats.
Legendary items have 3 bonus stats.

Bonus stats can be combined in the same stats type.

Example: Legendary Helmet can have 3 bonus stats in force only.

Regarding Critical, bonus stats will always set to 1 no matter item version.


Weapon equipements are composed by 3 differents types:

Light weapon short reuse time with low damage.
Medium weapon middle reuse time with middle damage.
Heavy weapon long reuse time and high damage.

Cyborg can equip 1 weapon of each type.

Each time player is using a weapon to attack the enemy, other available weapons reuse time will increase by +0.5 sec when cooldown in progress.

Active & Passive Skills

Active & Passive skill are only available on weapon of rarity rare or higher.

A weapon has 2 skill:
active skill: skill need to be activated to apply a buff for a period of time.
passive skill: skill that will be applied on hit with a certain percent of chance for a short period of time.

List of available Active Skills

HealHeal 7% of max HP15 sec
FuryIncrease critical rate by 50% for 4 sec.12 sec
ShieldInvulnerability for 2 sec.14 sec
StrongerIncrease force by 100% for 4 sec.12 sec

List of available Passive Skills

Armor Break15% chance on hit to increase damage on enemy by 50% for 8 seconds.
Bleed15% chance on hit to apply bleed on enemy. Deals 2% of your maximum life as damage every second for 4 seconds.
Overskill15% chance on hit to cancel skill cooldown.
Power Break15% chance on hit to reduce enemy damage by 50% for 8 seconds.
Vampiric15% chance on hit to restore 50% of damage inflicted to enemy as life.

Armors & Sets

Armor equipements are composed by 3 differents types:

Helmet100 HP
Chest100 HP
Leggings100 HP

Each armor equipements increase HP based on item version and upgrade version.

When player equips all armor items of a same name, Cyborg is wearing an Armor set and will received an Armor Set bonus.

Following, the list of available Armor Set:

Dark complete the set with Helmet, Chest and Leggings, increase force by 20%.
Demon complete the set with Helmet, Chest and Leggings, increase critical chance by 20%.
Light complete the set with Helmet, Chest and Leggings, increase HP by 20%.


Every items, weapons and armors, can be upgraded. Upgrade an item will increase main stats (HP for armor and damage for weapon) and bonus stats. Minor version of item is increased too.

Main stats are increased by 15% for armors and 10% for weapons per upgrade.
Bonus stats are increase by 10% for armors and weapons per upgrade.
Critical bonus stats is increased by 1 per upgrade level.

Maximum safe upgrade is minor version 3 (v1.3). Started from minor version 4 (v3.4), upgrade can failed. When upgrade failed, item is unchanged.

More the minor version is higher, less upgrade has a chance to succeed.

Maximum upgrade is minor version 25 (v5.25).


Player can evolve any items by using atoms. Evolve will upgrade item major version and keep item rarity, stats and skills.
As an example: an item v3.6 will result an item v4.0.

Upgrading an item will reduce the cost in atom to evolve it and has 50% chance of success.