Cyborg Street War

What's that ? Discover the secret of Cyborg Street War project.

Hello Everybody,

I’m Olivier Medina, a french engineer that nobody knows, who cares? Most important in my life, I’m glad to introduce you my first mobile application game: Cyborg Street War.

Cyborg Street War is a dynamic, fun and homemade mobile application game. In the game, you will play a Cyborg and fight against other Cyborg in intense and real time battle.

The adventure of Cyborg Street War started 2 years ago, I decide to develop a mobile application game from scratch. From there, an idea grows in my mind “what about making a 2D fighting game on mobile with Cyborgs and tons of visual effects, without auto-mode, to retrieve the pleasure of playing games !“. Based on that, I took my computer and start the development.

Time has past, lots of details changed but original idea keep the same at the begining and now, I’m glad to announce you that an Official launch date will be communicated soon.
Currently game is under private test version on Google Play store, in case you wanna participate to test phase, send a mail request at

Best Regards,

Olivier Medina
Cyborg Street War – Creator

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